If you know someone who attends your Mass on a regular basis and would make a great Extraordinary Minister, perhaps you could let one of us know or maybe suggest the possibility to them yourself. The A/B Group list on your schedule highlights where the needs are. They must first be approved by Fr. Kevin, be practicing Catholics in good standing with the Church and believe in the true presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. And after all, they’re going to be there anyway, right?


Reminders from Natalie:
Please check your e-mail for the latest new schedule and contact sheets. Ministers who do not have access to the internet, please pick up your copy in the Sacristy. If there is any information that needs to be corrected, please contact me:


Don’t forget to check the sub page on this website if you are having problems finding a needed sub for your Mass. Some EM’s and Lectors have made themselves available for other Masses.


Do not store the water cruets with their corks in them. This hastens rotting of the corks. And Please be sure to put things away in their proper places after Mass. Those of us who are involved with their maintenance have worked out a system and have labeled everything to help keep things in order.